Distinctly Dayton

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The Dayton Peace Accords were signed Nov. 21, 1995, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, ending a war that ensued after the break-up of the former Yugoslavia. The Balkans war was the worst Europe had seen since WWII and included ethnic cleansing reminiscent of Nazi atrocities. Richard C. Holbrooke, who negotiated the agreement, is remembered and honored annually with the awarding of the internationally recognized Dayton Literary Peace Prize.

The Marvel character Bruce Banner, who later becomes the Incredible Hulk after a gamma radiation accident, is from Dayton.

The first soap box derby was held in Dayton in 1934.

The Dayton Triangles won what is considered the first NFL game on October 3, 1920, beating the Columbus Panhandles 14-0 at Dayton's Triangle Park.

Dayton Dragons Professional Baseball holds the professional sports record for most consecutive sold-out games.

University of Dayton Arena has hosted more NCAA college basketball tournaments than any other venue.

Lieutenant Harold R. Harris was the first person saved by using a parachute -- and the incident occurred in Dayton. On October 20, 1922, Harris was testing an experimental aileron at McCook Field and was forced to bail from 2,500 feet.

Dayton is home to multiple distilleries that turn out award-winning bourbon, rum, gin and vodka, often using locally produced ingredients and mineral-rich water from the Great Miami Buried Valley Aquifer.

In 2015, the Dayton Business Journal calculated that Dayton ranks No. 1 in Ohio for the number of breweries per capita. "Dayton beats much larger cities like Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati," it wrote.

Just a few of the inventors from throughout Dayton history